Windows 7 Dock Toolbar Gadget

The dock can be placed on any edge of your screen or in one of the corners. Resize the icons to any of three different sizes and add your own custom icons. See our article about CodySafe for more information. It allows you to easily add program shortcuts, files, and folders to each circular dock, or ring, by dragging and dropping. When activated, the Windows desktop icons are hidden and the Windows background blurred, showing icons on the launcher.

Five cool Windows 7 docks to sharpen up your desktop

It also indexes the programs in your Start menu in Windows, profile picture providing quick access to your favorite programs. ControlPad allows you to use your number keypad as a command execution system for Windows.

The layout, appearance, and behavior of Executor can be customized. The launcher can be accessed through the system tray, using a hotkey, or by clicking the middle mouse button. The program requires installation, but it can be installed to any drive, local or removable. Key Launch is an application launcher that allows you to ignore your Start menu and desktop shortcuts and launch programs using your keyboard.

WinLaunch requires Microsoft. Be it on the Linux or the Mac desktop - the dock always makes the desktop look cleaner and programs more easily accessed. For more information, see our article about Jumplist-Launcher. ViPad is a free application launcher and desktop organization tool for Windows that allows you to gather your favorite program shortcuts, website links, system tools shortcuts, files, folders, etc.

It essentially acts as a portable desktop and you can save all your settings and preferences for all your portable programs. You can even categorize the items onto personalized tabs. However, if you allow the email access for the Gmail plug-in, then Norton might think its a security risk.

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Dock Application Launchers

They are generally very customizable and extendable. Jumplist-Launcher is a free Windows program launcher that allows you to consolidate applications on the Taskbar, combining multiple applications into one jump list. You can also customize the menu using styles. Use drag-and-drop to put items on the launcher and to rearrange the items. Organize the icons by dragging and dropping them on the dock and group your icons into menus.

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Applications can integrate with Docky to add extra items to their context menus or modify their icons to display more information. Portable Start Menu also allows you to automatically mount and dismount TrueCrypt containers. It allows you to organize your shortcuts, programs, and running tasks on an attractive, animated dock. How the Kentucky bourbon industry is going high tech. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to access the icons on your dock.

As if all these options for application launchers is not enough, you can also create a super-powered application launcher in Windows using the Quick Launch Toolbar. You can drag and drop program shortcuts, files, and folders directly onto the gadget. Rotating the mouse wheel in each ring rotates the icons providing quick access to the icons. Define aliases to launch programs using abbreviations.

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Circle Dock supports multiple monitors and virtual desktops and is portable. You can add unlimited folders, shortcuts, links, and managements across sub-levels. This dock is still in beta, so features like plug-ins aren't exactly there yet although they have the groundwork for them.

The following programs are application launchers that either replace or enhance the Windows Start menu, Taskbar, or Desktop. Your dock can be placed on any edge of your screen. Setup your dock quickly by importing your Quick Launch shortcuts and pinned Taskbar items. When you activate Circle Dock, it can display right at your mouse cursor, even if your mouse is at the edge of the screen.

Each of these docks is still under development and offers a clean style and easy configuration. It displays your program shortcuts, files, folders, and web page links in a tree structure on the List tab. If you use Linux, check out the following useful application launchers that are only available for Linux.

All five of these docks offer a free version and some have added features offered in a paid-for release. Winstep Nexus Dock is a free, completely customizable dock program for Windows that provides live icon reflections among many other eye candy effects. The look of the launcher can be customized using skins and you can use custom picture files.

Sliderdock is completely customizable, from the appearance of the rings and icons to the behavior of the dock. RocketDock is an application launcher, or dock, for Windows that sits along one edge of your desktop.

Any icons on the dock that are off the screen can be accessed using the mouse wheel or arrow keys. If you would like to connect with him to discuss anything, send him a mail! This is cool and have fixed my desktop. The following is a list of applications launchers that are portable.

To run it, simply extract the files and run the. Blaze is an application launcher for Windows that allows you to search your files and folders and the web, as well as launch programs. If so, you probably need an application launcher to organize your desktop and make your life easier. Windows Mac iPhone Android. For more news about Jack Wallen, visit his website jackwallen.

It is plugin-based, allowing you to easily extend it to handle new items and actions. Configure any numeric code or keyword to execute programs, open documents, open web pages, or send a series of keystrokes to the operating system. This list is also available as a photo gallery.

Famulus is a simple and portable file and application launcher for Windows. It can also be used to keep track of open windows. Type pre-defined custom commands into the prompt and hit the Enter key to run an associated file, folder, application or website. The desktop dock may not be for everyone. It also provides Aero-Peek-like functionality for improved task switching and allows you to access your system tray icons on your dock.

You can create stacks from special folders, such as My Documents, or from ordinary folders on your hard drive. Organize your programs in a simple menu system and launch them using a system tray icon.

See our article about Blaze for more information. You can group and categorize your portable apps and customize CodySafe using skins, themes, and sounds. You can also extend the functionality of the dock using docklets and the look of the dock is customizable.

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