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Status Not open for further replies. Open Settings by swiping from the left of the start screen or by pushing the three-stripe menu button on the top left. Get started with instant apps. WordPress The free, open source blogging platform is accessible with this app. Dolphin All the basics are handled well by Dolphin, but the extras in the shape of customizable gestures, voice controls, and sharing features really suck you in.

You can even use it to control a Raspberry Pi or Arduino Yun. When your Android phone or tablet fills up with apps, it's time to review what you have installed and do some housecleaning.

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Choose to record session at startup record incoming sessions record outgoing sessions. It supports Windows, Linux, and Mac, and requires a server program to be installed. Data Saver helps you manage your data. It offers street maps, satellite imagery, real-time traffic info, short-cut route planning, etc. In this post i will be discussing about Android Tab Layout.

The launcher app is free to download, but its prime version unlocks a lot of other features including some locked gestures. However, one of the hardest things to do is track your exercise effectively. All the necessary features of this top app of like screen mirroring, keyboard and mouse, media player controls, etc. You will see simple tabs app with awesome navigation.

Ravi is hardcore Android programmer and Android programming has been his passion since he compiled his first hello-world program. Besides, you can also play songs and add them to Spotify playlists, buy songs in Google Play Music with one tap, connect your Facebook account, etc. Your employees are your most valuable asset.

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There are various widget options, color-coding, and tools for event and task planning. The simple look is tempting, but the real attraction here is cross-platform support for all of your tasks and projects. Best Android Password Managers. Download Google Assistant. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

Now I can maintain the app with a monthly email. Choose whether audio from remote client will be transmitted.

It is one of the essential Android apps. It is one of the top Android apps in India. We have the answers you seek as we compare the two Android phones in various categories to find out how they differ and determine which is best.

Now everything is ready and before running your project make sure that you an entry of new activity name in AndroidManifest. Automate allows you to automate various tasks using simple flowcharts. So, instead of trying all of them, we have saved you some time by compiling this list of best free and paid Android apps of all time. For more information about using Office mobile apps at work, visit the mobile apps for business page. The revolution will not be televised, it'll be streamed online.

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Overall, Swiftkey will enhance your typing experience and is a must-have app on your Android device. It comes with a Space Analyzer to help you free up space on your device. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. Regular security updates every month. Nova Launcher is one of the best Android launchers residing on the Play Store for many years.

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If you bought a single tab or a songbook single buying option on mySongBook. Build an employee communication app to better connect and engage with your workforce. Transfer data using Sync Adapters. Transmit network data using Volley.

Moreover, you can also sync your passwords and data across all of your devices. Check out our list of the best video streaming apps for Android. Mobile These apps for teachers and educators will put you at the head of the class Students shouldn't be the only ones using their smart devices in the classroom. Easily add formulas, reorder columns, and resize tables on your phone or tablet. You can find a good word processor without having to spend anything.

Best Android Note Taking Apps. Here are the best sleep tracker apps for Android. Your message has been sent, please check your email shortly. As one of the earliest, best cloud solutions around, Dropbox is available for virtually every platform, and it offers fast and efficient file sharing and storage. Download Navigation Gestures.

Jump on a group video call that never lags. Android File Sharing Apps.

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The Guitar Pro application allows all guitarists to enjoy viewing, playing, as well as writing tablature easily, childrens pc games right from their mobile device. It is a much more involved process than uninstalling it from a device. How to create a tabView like the image - Programmers Goodies. Supporting game controllers.