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Liquid protein, which forms the web, is produced by spinning glands. Ramie can be used for light clothing fabrics, dating as a teen technical textiles and upholstery. Commercial Raman spectral libraries e. Reduction of symmetry due to nearly complete Al-Si ordering - Evidence for an unusual cooling history?

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Because the yarns in hemp fabrics swell and enlarge their diameter, they are used for making roof coverings. Dissolution of minerals causes structural decomposition accompanied with liberation and transport of compounds. Petrophysikalische und materialtechnische Untersuchungen an historisch bedeutenden Bausteinen und ihr Verhalten bei Brandeinwirkung S. They are the witnesses of the original oil or gas composition and the memory of the pressure and temperature conditions at the time of fluid emplacement.

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As a result the chemical composition of this mineral was determined. Such high aridity conditions and a closed lake environment were deduced for the Quatemary from other proxies like e. One population of zircon crystallized late, from a P-, F- and water-rich melt high in Nb, Ta, Bi, and U, which has undergone a prolonged history of fractionation. Maucherite of various assemblages is characterized by! The fibre is extracted from leaves, starting from the sixth year after planting the trees.

If the microphysics of these processes e. The wide use of leather would not be possible without knowledge of the tanning process, which allows a much better material than raw leather to be obtained.

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As an example the structures of three arsenates are considered. Charakterisierung von Baustoffen S. Synthesis and crystal structure S. The fibre can also be used for diving equipment and necklace production.

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Special emphasis is put on the structure and composition of minerals providing insight into their chemical and physical properties. Dressing fabrics, ropes, fishing nets, tents, tarpaulins and fi re hoses are also produced from ramie. By definition, equilibrium thermodynamics deals with time invariant equilibrium states and does not take into consideration system geometry. The main application area is in artisan production. Field observations suggest a synplutonic origin in the partially crystallized felsic magma.

Two sides of the same coin S. Wool fibres have a natural lustre, depending on the type of wool and the climatic conditions. China produces the most silk in the world, although silkworms are bred in Europe Greece, Spain, Italy and Poland.

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