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Grab your stuff while you still can. Select Powerpoint file ppt, pptx, pps or ppsx. You can set audio and video bitrate. Was this information helpful?

Video files are compatible with most tablets, portable media players, video game Consoles, and mobile phones. Thank you for your interest in Movavi!

PowerPoint to Movie Total Guide to you

PowerPoint to Movie Total Guide to you

If you have a few presentations that you want to convert to video, and they do not contain any sensitive data, AuthorStream is a good choice. Please check your e-mail address and try again.

Powerpoint to Video - is a free online application that can be used to convert any powerpoint to video. If your presentation has narration, you can import the the sound file directly into Windows Movie Maker. If you have an Apple computer running a Mac version of PowerPoint, you can convert your presentation into a movie for easier and wider distribution. In just a few simple steps, you will be able to turn your powerful presentation into a movie file. Do you know of any great PowerPoint-to-video converters?

Video and audio file formats supported in PowerPoint - Office Support

To the right of the box, click the up arrow to increase the duration, or click the down arrow to decrease the duration. Viewers do not need to have PowerPoint installed on their computers to watch it. The format you're starting with is named on the left side, and the format that it'll be converted to is named on the right.

1. Convert PowerPoint to Movie with PowerPoint to Video Converter

There are several software online that can be used for the purpose, however, if you do not want to go through the hassle of installing software, then use our online application. Once your presentation to video conversion is complete, the video is ready to share via Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo or email. If your presentation contains an embedded video, the video will play correctly without your needing to control it. Rotate, cut mirror or crop your video optional. After you've created your slides and recorded any timing and narrations and laser pointer gestures that you want to include, you're ready to create a video file.

Advertisements or commercial links. However, it adds watermark to some of the formats. The process is similar to Windows system with the inevitable differences between the operating systems. The site provides a number of tutorial videos to help users get started. It's ready to be inserted in your PowerPoint presentation.

MoyeaSoft MoyeaSoft PowerPoint to Video Converter will convert your PowerPoint slideshow to a variety of popular video formats, preserving all of the effects in the original file. The presentations that you upload become public.

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The ImToo converter boasts the ability to convert your PowerPoint files to video without the need to have PowerPoint installed on your computer. Insert the file in your slide Once you have a converted media file in a suitable format with the correct encoding, big fish games for mobile go back to the PowerPoint slide where you want to insert your video or audio file.


Upload it to a video-sharing web site such as YouTube Email your presentation to others Save to a file share or other location Burn your presentation to a disc. This article will guide and show you, step by step, how to save your PowerPoint presentation in video format. Items on each slide can be edited and moved around freely.

The video creation process can take up to several hours depending on the length of the video and the complexity of the presentation. Your e-mail address was successfully added. Alternatively, feel free to browse and download hundreds of free Powerpoint templates from our library.

PowerPoint videos not playing on secondary monitor. Embedded resources like fonts, tables, styles etc are all reproduced in the video. Add audio to your presentation.

If you do not have the source audio file, you can save the presentation as a web page a separate. Go online to CloudConvert. Email your presentation to others. How-tos Video Guides Help Center.

When the video creation is complete, the video is ready to view, upload to your website, Facebook, YouTube or sharing by email. Converting your PowerPoint presentation to video before posting will protect your presentation from modification and repackaging by someone else. PowerPoint saves your presentation as a Windows Media Video.

However, when you export the file as a video, the linked media will be dropped. What do you need to know about free software? After conversion, you can easily share your slideshow with the world. Part Time Training Courses.