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Legendary pirate, and captain of the Queen Anne's Revenge. After managing to lure in a mermaid named Tamara, she summons other mermaids to attack the crew before Jack causes an explosion that scares them away. On Stranger Tides the most expensive film ever made to date. Jack also discovers that the Black Pearl was captured and shrunk before being added to Blackbeard's collection of other shrunken ships in bottles. Jack and Barbossa team up to sneak into the Spanish camp and steal the chalices.


Blackbeard collects it, leaving her to die of dehydration while Philip is forced to go with them. Instead, Blackbeard drinks it, asking his daughter to save him. She helps Jack retrieve the missing chalices and gives them to him, telling him not to waste her tear. British Board of Film Classification. Angelica agrees and drinks from the second chalice.

List of accolades received by the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. List of Pirates of the Caribbean cast members and characters.

He reclaims the shrunken Black Pearl and the other conquered ships in bottles, carrying them in a gunny sack. Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

The Fountain's water must simultaneously be drunk by two people from the chalices. It felt new, and that was important to me. On Stranger Tides soundtrack.

Theatrical release poster. Walt Disney Home Entertainment. Eventually, Jack and Angelica admit their love for each other, yet he distrusts her intentions aware that she may try to avenge her father and strands her on a cay.

Mermaid corpses were depicted by plaster models. With Blackbeard and Angelica both nearing death, Jack retrieves the last remaining drops of water from the destroyed fountain and puts the tear in one of them. Many of the film's stars were in attendance. Knowing that one of them must be sacrificed, he wants Angelica to drink from the chalice containing the tear. Jack's former-rival-turned-ally, entwined in you sylvia day and former captain of the Black Pearl.

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Pirates of the Caribbean - At Worlds End

Los Angeles Times also reported that rights to a book were bought. As with the previous films, the plot was criticized as incoherent and confusing. It is technically a stand-alone sequel to the previous installments.

Cleaning up plates is double the work, and tracking has to be spot on. This meant the cameras could be brought into locations such as the Hawaiian jungle.

Barbossa obtains Blackbeard's magic sword and gains control of the Queen Anne's Revenge and her crew. Syrena goes back to the dying Philip.

David Brenner Wyatt Smith. Films produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.

When Barbossa stabs Blackbeard with a poisoned sword, Angelica pulls it out but is cut and poisoned. So I wouldn't call this an adaptation. Jerry Bruckheimer again served as producer.

Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. Jack learns someone is impersonating him to recruit a crew to find the Fountain. Despite resistance from Blackbeard's crew, the Spanish successfully pull down a pillar, crushing the Fountain of Youth.


When he asks for her forgiveness, she kisses him and takes him underwater. Disney Feature Film Casting. Jack's former love interest, and daughter of Blackbeard. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote.

Bringing Mermaids to Life. Now wielding Blackbeard's magical sword, Barbossa captains the Queen Anne's Revenge and returns to piracy. Jack and Barbossa escape with the chalices. He hoped Gore Verbinski would return to direct the fourth film, as his BioShock film adaptation had been put on hold.

Pirates of the Caribbean - At Worlds End