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Phantom dating sim interactive, danny Phantom Date Sim • Introducing the Danny Phantom Date Sim!

It is up to you to how you treat them. Making the cord of my headphone disconnect. The answers we could pick from showed up. But the most important thing right now is scripts. In this case, Misty and Gwen are friends so Danny will often find the two of them together.

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Some bachelorettes will have a double scene with another. Cassie Whitworth is a third new bachelorette into the game, belonging to Funkatronicdea. Thea is now known as Blair. This game is open to all fans. This is Adriana Santana, a new bachelorette and a third character of mine.

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Introducing the Danny Phantom Date Sim! Jule is playing an interactive Phandom dating game and Dan finds out about it and joins in. Don't ask me why I am playing it, dating guys out of my league it just really caught my eye. Currently awaiting emotions from her owner.

Danny Phantom Date Sim

So choose your responses wisely. And I am a very curious human being.

This set is after Danny runs into Paulina by accident. More easter eggs and surprises!

Enjoy your TicTacs, friend! In this game, you play as Danny as he ventures through the halls of Casper High and the streets of Amity Park, looking for a suitable date for the upcoming spring dance. Added a gifting system along with those purchases.

Danny Phantom Date Sim • Introducing the Danny Phantom Date Sim!

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You can have Danny woo one of the canon girls. He knew I was trying to hide whatever video I was currently watching. Once again, I was hanging out with Dan in his and Phil's flat. Since then we have made slow progress into getting it up and running.

The game will not all be girls, girls, girls! Pulling myself into a ball, trying to stop grinning. Here we have the intro of the game. Gwen McBride is another new bachelorette, both her and Adriana were last minute decisions after some of our original contributors opted out of the project. Dan would totally be all blushie!

After Thea gives you a basic run-down of the game, she will give you Danny a nice dream with Paulina. Cheeky smile wink thingamajig. He sat back down on the sofa and unpaused the video.

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We appreciate the time they take to work with us to get his game done. That was just my initial reaction. Already into the game, I heard Dan's voice, snapping me out of this digital fantasy world. Each and every bachelorette in this game will react to Danny differently.

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However since three of our bachelorettes are from other contributors, Twi and I have been playing the waiting game for them to send over what they have. Phil off buying groceries and Jaelin teaching. Depending on what you say to a specific bachelorette, the results will be either positive, negative or neutral.