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Other songs are all right. The comedy-soaked first half of this movie is actually the build-up for its emotion-packed second half, especially the climax. Cheeni's father Rajeev Verma agrees to marry Cheeni to Raju upon the condition of his earning a sum of Rs. The beauty of the tea-gardens of Darjeeling has been spread very well in the screen during the post-interval session.

However, Cheeni reaches Darjeeling as Raju did not return as per the information given by him through a letter. Trending Hindi Movies and Shows. Gradually the proximity of Raju and Karuna increases and one day Raju comes to know of something he was hitherto unaware of. This love-triangle gets resolved in the climax after Raju faces the charge of theft of money belonging to Cheeni's father whereas the real culprit is Narendra Mohnish Behl. He comes across runaway bride who is actually a rich girl being married against her will.

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Karuna and Cheeni happen to meet and both of them come to know of the fact that the man of their dreams is common. Here he comes into contact with Karuna Raveena Tandon whose father Deepak Qazir has gone insane after failing to get his daughter married. Some comedy sequences during the first half appear to be forced into the narrative, else the director has not allowed the length of the movie to go beyond the reasonable limit.

For those who get impressed by the dialogs and performance of Govinda in its extra-ordinary climax, it has a repeat value. Manoj Agrawal See all news. Otherwise also, it is a decent one time watch. Background score is satisfactory according to the changing moods of the movie throughout its duration.

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Pardesi Babu was a flop and brushed aside by the reviewers too. The Pardesi Babu of this movie is Raju Govinda who migrates from his village to Mumbai to make it big in his life. Raju Pardesi lives a poor lifestyle in a village with his cruel step-mother, pokemon black for pc english and decides to re-locate to Mumbai to better his life. Pardesi Babu gentleman coming from outside the place is a rom-com in its pre-interval session which turns into a love triangle in its post-interval session.

However since I liked it, I recommend it as an entertaining flick not only to the fans of Govinda but the movie buffs in general also. Musical score prepared by Anand Raj Anand is satisfactory.

She is Cheeni Shilpa Shetty.

The joke was, in the movie Raveena and Shilpa are in a love triangle with a man named Raju Govinda. This movie came when his magic was waning.

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Choreography and action aspects are also in order. However as usually happens in the life of lovers, the difference in status becomes a wall between Cheeni and Raju. Now he feels that he can meet the condition put up by Cheeni's father and get the love of his life. He was indeed the biggest entertainer of Hindi cinema for around a decade, being recognized as the uncrowned comedy king of Bollywood.

More To Explore Search on Amazon. That knowledge throws him into severe guilt-complex and instead of returning to Cheeni and her father after one year he has met the condition of earning Rs. The media made several jokes about the film.


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However he has left no stone unturned in entertaining the spectator of this movie by his all-round performance supported by a reasonably good script. That's a stunning emotional performance by him. He asks the same question whether money can take the place of the values and virtues of life. Trivia The media made several jokes about the film.

He moves to Darjeeling with his friend and associate Happy Singh Satish Kaushik to buy a tea estate and manufacture tea in line with the formula devised by an unsupported scientist Veerendra Saxena. Add this title to your Watchlist. It Happens Only In India was a chartbuster song when this movie was released. Raju gets disappointed but all of a sudden he finds a suitcase containing a sum of Rs.