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Oprah and obama dating, oprah Winfrey's endorsement of Barack Obama

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In October Winfrey hosted a second fundraiser for Obama, this time in Chicago. Mark Anthony Neal, author, pop culture critic and Duke University professor. And what I saw with Barack Obama was something that was transcendent and I felt transformational for me as a human being and for this country. She is astonishing, truly. She gets along with everybody.

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You gotta step out of your box! Anybody who doesn't think Winfrey would be a great senator from Illinois or anywhere is crazy.

She obviously can't be bought. And I think that today that promise was fulfilled in a way that I never imagined in my lifetime. She is a larger-than-life figure in America and around the world.

Oprah Winfrey's endorsement of Barack Obama

Larry King noted that Winfrey's lawyers had apparently warned the man to stop the campaign. To begin with, she was perhaps the most instrumental person in electing Barack Obama president. And I only pray in the deepest part of my being that America will rise to this moment.

And I feel that what he was able to offer us as individual citizens and as a united country was something that we have never seen before. Winfrey explained that she would be on the air for several more years, so if he ever decided to run, she would hope he would announce it on her show. In the earlier part of the speech, he talks about the promise of democracy. On the other hand, how likely is it she'd give up what she's doing for that? She's so far ahead of most people in human relations.

Winfrey has since faded into the background of the campaign, but her impact persists. She brings people together.

And what he did brought that home in a way that I could never have imagined. Nick bringing joy to the world. And she's actually a very, obviously, in my judgment, a very impressive and a very nice person. She has a voice larger than all senators combined.

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Perhaps the most astonishing aspect of the Oprah phenomenon is how outsized her power is compared with that of other market movers. Obama's appearance on Oprah caused his book to reach the No.

If Barack Obama is elected president, a good chunk of credit should go to Oprah Winfrey. But as a statement to all women, demi and cody dating a decision by Oprah to endorse Obama would be a huge rejection of Hillary Clinton.

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And if he wants me to, I'm ready to go door to door. Winfrey explained that Obama was her favorite senator and she hoped he would run for president.

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Well, I have great respect for Hillary Clinton. Researchers Andrew Pease and Paul R. Because I am for Barack does not mean I am against Hillary or anybody else.

Oprah riffed her way through an eloquent paean to the need for a change of leadership in America. After controlling for racial demographics, the economists also found no relationship between the popularity of Ebony magazine, whose readership is largely African American, and support for Obama. Senator, she would be a voice for the Obama program, which she supports, and she would be in a position to be able to use an unbelievable bully pulpit to be able to get it done. Her endorsement softens Obama, wraps him up, and makes of him a Christmas present to America.