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Chikka is an instant messenger that lets users send free text messages to any mobile number in the Philippines. Now, chocolate cake images even if they send a reply to chikka the messages are still being block for how many days now. Is there any way that we can transfer all our contacts to the group chikka account?

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But honestly I too have this sort of problem. Again thank you very much. Read article Chicken Inasal Story of Endurance big bird.

It s quick and easy to send free sms with Chikka Messenger

First trip to the Philippines. Before if I'm offline they send all my offline message to my e-mail now never happens. You may want to check out more software, such as Y! The good folks from Chikka replied to my email I sent them. Its clean-cut interface alongside the provided features makes a pretty good first impression that can prove to resist the test of time.

Bought tickets to Phil for her brother's wedding in June. Windows Live Messenger is an instant messaging client for Windows.

Chikka messenger is f up

How do I divert the incoming text messages temporarily to my Chikka so I could continue to send text messages? How can I see the replies? Pinatubo and surprised her with a ring.

Chikka messenger

Today, he owns a variety of online properties and help others establish their online presence. Why does my chikka cant send a message for example i send a message to my mom then my mom doesnt receive my message?

But an important feature is missing. Its already part of my social and internet life. Along with the notification was my account name and the password. Met her in the waiting area.

Coupon Search Plugin for Firefox, find some of the best discounts and deals around from the best retailers on the net. Send free text on all the networks. Moreover, the Chikka Text Messenger also represents the world premiere for an application software that binds computers and mobile phones together through text messaging. My crdeit lessens because some contacts received two messages.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Met her friend and her employer in Chicago here on business. Keep your suggestions coming. You just have a limit per day and if it just happens that you consume all the credits, then you just have to wait another day for the credits to be replenished.

Strangest thing happened while sending message via chikka. The messenger will be immediately delivered to the recipient no matter how many kilometers are between you. Until now i never able to send. Would you mind to help me?

Chikka - One of the most reliable working site and fast. Read article Download Freeware Windows. Has anyone experienced this with Chikka before?

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Hook Messenger Instant messaging. Fastlife Messenger Instant messaging. There were important messages that I need to retrieve. This is obviously a system problem-not user account. After typing and sending my message addressed to one of my contacts, I immediately received a message of another name being added to my contacts using the number listed in my contacts.

Employers, advertise jobs and find resumes here. The software is categorized as Communication Tools. To sum it all up, Chikka Text Messenger is the computer counterpart of all its other versions spanning across various platforms. Ive just installed chikka on my phone an hour ago and try to send msgs.

Featured at embed code Copy and paste code Featured at. Primarily, i send inspiring and motivational quotes to my contacts almost daily. Booked trip to the Philippines. Arrived in Manila late at night. Need that pat on the back!