Lil Wayne Bedrock

What does this song mean to you? Recording Industry Association of America. She got that good, good, she Michael Jackson Bad I'm attracted to her for her attractive ass And now we murderers because we kill time I knock her lights out and she still shine. And comin from where i from i got some work ethnic for you.

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Lil Wayne - Bedrock lyrics

Damn we watchd dat shit last night. Then the summer of happened. Nielsen Business Media, Inc. The two almost immediately began a fairly fierce rap feud that bubbles beneath the surface of the rap world to this day.

Considering that Nicki was no longer with Meek Mill and that they were never really beefing in the first place, why not? The performance speaks for itself. This is the version that was released as a single and appears on the album.

Lil Wayne - Bedrock lyrics

Dat performance was awesome. Created by Daniel Mousdell Powered by Wordpress. How I see it is how I call it, yeah. Oh baby, I be stuck to you like glue Baby, wanna spend it all on you Baby, my room is the G spot, call me Mr. Uh, she ain't got a man but she's not alone Miss Independent, yeah, she got her own Hey gorgeous, I mean flawless, well, that's what you are How I see it is how I call it, yeah.

The performance was amazing! Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. Looks like due to the leak Mack Maine says the rebirth is gona be differant then the Leaked Rebirth.

What ensued was a vicious legal battle that rages on to this day.

Redirected from BedRock song. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. This version can be found on Gudda Gudda's mixtape, Guddaville. They are later seen outside near the swimming pool of the house.

Peep the list for yourself below. Lil Wayne's verse on this version is the same as on the second version. Buy Lil Wayne's Newest Album. Okay, I get it, let me think, I guess it's my turn Maybe it's time to put this pussy on your sideburns He say I'm bad, he probably right He pressing me like button downs on a Friday night. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Lil Wayne - Bedrock (Feat. Lloyd)

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Lil Wayne - Bedrock LyricsLil Wayne - Bedrock (Feat. Lloyd)

Download Lil Wayne's Latest Tape. The second version features Lloyd singing the chorus with Lil Wayne's verse slightly different. Enter your e-mail address above to get Lil Wayne updates sent to you via e-mail. Flintstone I can make your bedrock. For other uses, able video clips see Bedrock disambiguation.