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You can even trade in equities, derivatives and currencies using a single platform. Place multiple trade orders and get them executed in a single window.

Message Board Stock Message Board. He can view confirmations of orders placed, sell from existing holdings, view live on market depth, trade long contracts and monitor profits and losses.

Kotak Securities Keat Pro X Review Desktop based Trading Terminal

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Select the quantity, price for which you want to place order. It also allows customization of the User Interface as per convenience.

Traders can also directly place orders from the charts. Click here to find answers. Traders can place orders, view order reports and create multiple watchlists to keep a track on the stocks and markets.

KEAT Pro X Online Share Market Software

Enter the scrip name, select the exchange, select segment as Cash, Future or Option. You can also check the version on the top header of the main terminal screen. Our representatives will be happy to resolve your queries. Xtralite offers most of the features available in the website. It gives a trader complete control over his portfolio.

The tool offers many features to traders to facilitate quick and easy trading. You can create multiple watchlists and simultaneously place orders, view order reports etc. You can also download by clicking here.

Incase you make change in any watchlist, it gets reflected on all the three places. Some of the key features of the trading tool are-. Advance trading software for frequent traders. Customizable The trading software allows you to create watchlists with any combination of scrips, industry sectors, stock market indices of your choice.

It allows the trader to find the best price available in either of the exchanges for a particular stock. Access the watchlist created in the trading terminal from the mobile app and website as well.

Some of the key highlights of the software are-. The stock market software comes free of charge with your online trading account. Kotak Pro X is desktop trading software for Windows and Mac users.

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The installable trading platform facilitates trading in equities, derivatives, currency derivatives etc. Watchlists Create personalized watchlists and track in real time, certain stocks of your choice.

The trading tool is highly customizable to suit individual trader needs. We can help you find the best and the cheapest options trading broker. The trading tool allows traders to invest in equities, derivatives, and currency etc.

Kotak Securities has its presence across the country with branches, franchisees and satellite offices spread across cities in India. You can create multiple watchlists and each watchlist may contain up to scrips each. It is a mobile application that allows traders to access the stock market right from a mobile. Installation - Click here to view the installation manual.

We have taken reasonable measures to protect security and confidentiality of the Customer Information. This installable trading terminal is known for its high speed, simple and easy to use interface. Pros Cons An integrated platform ensures that activities done in one tool is accessible on other. Click Yes to confirm the order. Looking for a Trading Account?

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We can help find the Best Options Broker. The app facilitates trading in equities, derivatives, and currencies, the way we were barbra streisand mp3 track the markets and manage the portfolio on the move. Save the Watchlist after addition of scrip s so that the added scrip s can also be viewed next time in the same Watchlist. The Kotak Securities website allows traders to trade in their favorite investment instruments from the website.

K.E.A.T. Online Stock Trading Software FAQs