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Once you have RealPlayer installed, nn-xt you can easily get different codecs if needed. RealPlayer has a wide variety of plug-ins. RealPlayer is a user-friendly free media player application able to play a large list of multimedia files among other interesting features. Video conversion allows you to export all sorts of videos into concrete types of files to play on other devices and even on iTunes. Past versions of RealPlayer have been criticized for containing adware and spyware.

RealPlayer (free) - Download latest version in English on phpnuke

RealPlayer the software that plays your videos for real

When using this software it might not be so powerful but the video editor is a bit faster. Some of the plug-ins are listed at the RealPlayer accessories page, but not all.

They also do not support modern Palm smartphones such as the treo p, p, or Centro, although the treo and are listed as supported devices. Real player is a reliable source for playing multimedia files with new functions like use of social networks like You tube.

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Among these new functions, we can find the inclusion of social networks, video conversion, and it provides the hottest videos online or manages your music. Make fast video edits and show your videos on social networking sites Extract images. This player has notable features like the real player downloader that enables the user to download videos from the internet. When you play a video from the internet on the player it has a small download button appearing on the video that you can click on. In contrast to other players, such as Windows Media Player, this download offers the user a variety of codecs for actual multimedia files, and continues to develop new ones.

Cons To some extent you have to pay to get some features. It is provided as freeware. First of all you need to install RealPlayer, and that may take a while, since it offers many options.


Configure presets to video player. Smith dissected some of RealJukebox's network traffic and discovered that it was sending a unique identifier with information about the music titles to which its users were listening. You can share the videos with your friends. Pros It enables the user to download videos from the internet.

RealPlayer also permits you to play your videos on other mobile devices or in a media center. Video downloading is the most useful characteristic in this program.

If you want more information about this software, feel free to check the author's website. Interesting tools Among the RealPlayer options, we can find basic features like playing different kind of multimedia files. You can also make your own playlist in this software to plan on how you use your videos.

RealPlayer is still on the scene. RealPlayer may appear like old-fashioned software, since it has been around a while, but it is frequently updated with new functions and increased reliability. It is good software to use since it allows you to export all videos to different types of files to other devices. The program is powered by an underlying open-source media engine called Helix. Pros It has private mode to hide videos Users can download videos from internet.

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Audible software list does not include RealPlayer plugin. RealJukebox was a computer program released by RealNetworks that allowed users to organise their digital music.

The video editor is useful for making quick arrangements, but it is not very powerful, and you may want to use other kinds of application for this purpose. It has a simple interface and it is easy to use. You can easily connect to the internet and get videos and watch with real player later.

RealPlayer (free) - Download latest version in English on phpnuke

Cons You have to pay to enjoy some features. It is basically a good product that has nice features that are not present on other players.

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This is an amazing software for downloading videos from any place in the internet that you so desire. Real player has its uniqueness of extracting images and saving them on your computer and you can also privately hide your videos. Real Alternative is a codec which allows RealMedia files to be played without the installation of the RealPlayer software. For what are you going to use the program? Lists Video players Audio players Free software audio players Portable media players Personal video recorders.

This way you will be able to play many different multimedia files. Review RealPlayer is a user-friendly free media player application able to play a large list of multimedia files among other interesting features. It has the burn button and the library button which you can access saved media.

Cons it has some very simple graphics. This is a media player developed by realnetworks.

Another interesting feature of RealPlayer is Private Mode. Turn this mode on and hide the files you want to keep far from other users. It supports a lot of media formats. What similar programs have you used?