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Minor correction to previous anon. His family would be even more amazing. People used to tweet him asking if he was her bf, but he ignored all those tweets.

Chachi got mad because he kept in touch with Megan the whole time i. Chachi was gaining tons of followers on twitter and anyone who she tweeted instantly got a bunch of new followers as well. Even though Chachi was tweeting all this stuff Ian suddenly stopped hinting at her on his twitter and the whole thing seemed pretty one-sided.

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So im guessing around this time either they broke up, had a fight or were never officially together and Chachi was just finding out. Can you tell us the whole story between Ian and Chachi? Just a reminder that your idol is not perfect. But then he bought her a matching travel giraffe like the one he has named Giuseppe and she named hers Gianna.

But the thing is, he is a good boyfriend just not a faithful one. Ian is so talented and artistic it literally brought me to tears. Everything about it was executed beautifully. Ian was in Romania, not Rome, during the obnoxious countdown.

Ian is extraordinary at a lot of things, being a boyfriend isn't one of them. It takes a lot for me to cry, but Ian's new piece did exactly that. Every now and then Ian would tweet things that lined up with what chachi was tweeting. The volumes this new video speaks, best way to look intimidating I cant even begin to try to explain. Anyway as always this is just things I noticed.

Same goes for Brian, they're both talented dancers and choreographers but cheaters. Could you imagine if Ian had siblings? It was strongly implied it had to do with Ian especially since she said it inbetween a bunch of tweets about Ian.