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El Juego de Ender

Ender is brilliant at everything. Honestly, I fail to see what's so great about Ender anyway. Ender's Game, ms dynamics ax training in bangalore dating how I wish I had loved you. But that doesn't make me any more sympathetic to Ender.

Actually, that is understating it. There are no personalities. Instead, what I got was a bad plotline, progressively unrealistic plot developments, and a cast of flat, lifeless, unpleasant characters to boot.

Yes, he goes ahead and does it anyway.

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It's a wonder that even after more than halfway into the book, I still clung on to the foolishly optimistic notion that the book would somehow redeem itself. Yes, he loves his sister Valentine. That it would end up justifying the tedious, repetitive, drearily dull chapters I trundled through over the course of several days which is unusual, since I'm generally a fast reader. It pains me to say it, as a hardcore fangirl of science fiction, that one of sci-fi's most beloved and highly regarded novels did not do it for me.

At the very least, I had expected to like it, you know? Yes, he doesn't want to hurt people. As if we people of the internet didn't have enough delusions of grandeur already. Was it because the expectations I had in my mind were unreasonably high and thus were responsible for ruining the book for me? It was predictable and, worse, did not justify all that I had to read to make my way to the end.

El juego de Ender

Why, though, you might ask. Let the hate flow through you. You never learn anything about the characters except that they are the good guys or the bad guys. What the heck was that all about?

It was hard to feel for Ender. Not impossibly high or anything. The sort of books you can come back to again and again. No background, no depth, no internal conflicts. Why did you forsake me thus.

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Why such vitriol for the book? It was so repetitive that I was exhausted at the end of every.

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