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Just like the sounds, the popular belief in their supernatural effects also survives to this day. Christmas is the topic of the traditional Catalonian Lo cant dells Aucells Singing of Birds where birds woken in the middle of the night sing the praise of the newly born Jesus. During our programmes, it is possible to ask questions to artists and experts, keep an eye on the critics, ask about their values, and question their motives. It has released many unique series of recordings which present the recent output of Polish composers and opera directors. The Golden Age of Spanish music was golden with the richness and popularity of these songs.

We are there where culture is created. Endowed with a subtle bright soprano voice she has studied singing and piano, including under Kurt Widmer at Basel. She combines various musical styles in pursuit of a typical goal of the Baroque, that is, to move and surprise the listener. What tarantellas have in common with Baroque virtuoso performers, such as Maurizio Cazzati and Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi Mealli, are their base formulae.

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This golden coin, however, also has another side of an incredible secular repertory that flourished at the courts. They mostly tell about love, poverty and loneliness, but, according to a traditional belief, they offered an effective antidote against the venom of the local species of tarantula. This is the kind of joy and satisfaction I wish all of you to experience.

The songs teach, moralise and joke providing pure entertainment or food for thought. Antidotum Tarantulae released in by the prestigious label Alpha. Indeed, basso ostinato was a favourite and immensely popular technique of early Baroque composers. The transition from Renaissance into Baroque was a momentous time in the history of music. Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca will deliver their crazy and virtuoso interpretations of Italian folias played with their typical bravado, while Rinaldo Alessandrini will perform J.

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Christina Pluhar sees both ancient history and the world today as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Pluhar started her education with the classical guitar and continued with the lute under the virtuoso lutist Toyohiko Satoh at the conservatory in The Hague. It was believed that a tarantula bite had a destructive influence on human disposition, dating service for married women changed behaviour and influenced various aspects of life. Musicians would try various melodies until the sick responded and his or her body was set in motion.

Event-factory combines a vast experience in organising and producing cultural events, festivals and concerts. We neither simplify matters nor do we trim down difficult issues. The most eminent artists will offer the most sublime and technically perfect interpretations of Baroque, Renaissance and mediaeval compositions.

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Upholding period practices these masters will bring with them programmes built around Advent and Christmas and will perform in the wonderful interiors of St. The collection has been offered in Polish and English in an effort to provide an artistic and educational tool for the international promotion of contemporary music from Poland. The city has a strong personality and is not shy of experiment or revolution while continuously offering new events. It is also telling, that the first such collection devoted to a single musician bore the name of Juan Encina.

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It is involved in organizing festivals, concerts, operas and theatre productions, in recording and making available the most valuable musical phenomena on the cultural scene in Poland and abroad. It is funded by the licence fee.

The songs provided a musical visit card of a culture of passion where happiness and despair were never worlds apart and where the violence of emotions surprised no one. Sprawdzamy brzmienie muzyki Mozarta w Salzburgu i Wagnera w Bayreuth.

However, Vincenzo Capezzuto is an excellent singer too. In music this transformation came about by means of the madrigal and the basso continuo. Tarantellas were there to reinstate balance and cosmic order. These titbits may be barely minutes long, but they can contain a moving tale, a saga of tragic love, a simple joy of a festive day or elation at the quite life.

We speak out resolutely on important matters, and provide more than just a few minutes of condensed information. It included Juan del Encina, a musician and poet, whom his contemporaries dubbed the Father of Spanish theatre. Actus Humanus has been steadily expanding its scope and has consolidated into one of the most important festivals of period performance.

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The charm of masterly compositions rendered in unparalleled interpretations by eminent period performers has won over audiences at home and abroad. His worldwide dancing career has involved performances choreographed by such eminent figures, as Mauro Bigonzetti, William Forsythe, George Balanchine and Ohad Naharin. Antidotum Tarantulae forming an expressively diverse, but dramatically complete whole.

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We organise concerts and artistic multimedia projects. Furthermore, radio orchestras regularly perform on the stage in our concert studio which has unique acoustics of global renown.

The ensemble faithfully stuck to period instruments, but would not be limited to just period sources. Christina Pluhar reached for this ancient source of tarantellas.

Others call upon us to profit from life before Lent starts, like Hoy comamos y bebamos Let us eat and drink today. One of the most famous ensembles played at the court of the royal cousin Prince Alba. Under her lead the formation has made its name with an uncanny marriage of the different worlds of early and traditional music genres skilfully placed in thoroughly contemporary contexts. Their bold combination of period performing practices with traditional music and jazz has given rise to a new musical language that is thoroughly modern and accessible to a wide audience. The radio theatre provides the opportunity to hear the most prominent actors from all generations.

Her reading of early music masterpieces tends to be free and often different from commonly established interpretative models. Rinaldo Alessandrini with J. The neoplatonic vision of equilibrium and symmetry, key for the music of the Renaissance, began to give way to a more realistic perception of the world that accepted its imperfections. His work was also very popular, found in many Cancioneros, or songbooks collecting the most frequently performed pieces.

The Catholic Monarchs had united the kingdoms of Aragon and Castile under a single crown and conquered Grenada thus completing the Reconquista. We inspect the music of Mozart from Salzburg and Wagner from Bayreuth. The city has freedom in its genes.

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They continued this relationship on three subsequent records, i. Music went in step with the developments and was about to reach the heights of greatness alongside the monarchy itself. And what music it is promising to be! Let me express my utmost appreciation and gratitude to those who have contributed to the development and artistic success of the Actus Humanus Festival. With the fourth Festival on the verge of opening, the event has outgrown its youth and is already attracting international renown and a major stature in the calendar of events devoted to early music.