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Segment Dimension tool - Display the distance between end nodes on single or multiple segments. Multi-page capabilities, Powerlines, support for graphic tablets, Clone tool, elastic node editing, Envelope tool. Banner Shapes tool - Draw ribbon objects and explosion shapes.

Basic Shapes tool - Draw triangles, circles, cylinders, hearts and other shapes. Mesh Fill tool M - Fill an object by blending multiple colors or shades arranged over a mesh grid.

Smart Fill tool - Create objects from overlapping areas, and apply a fill to those objects. If you want to know the full version number of your installation, click Help, About in any Corel application, or check the volinfo. Color Eyedropper tool - Sample colors, demi lovato in real life mp3 and apply them to objects.

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Spiral tool A - Draw symmetrical and logarithmic spirals. New features were customizable interface, Polygon, Spiral, Knife and Eraser tools. Please see separate patch download below!

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Negative shift values when using picas and points in the Transformations docker are now supported. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For additional information about this update, please click here. Parallel Dimension tool - Draw slanted dimension lines.

The Outline Width control on the property bar will accept custom values. Straight-Line Connector tool - Draw a straight line to connect two objects. An active membership or subscription is required to install this update. Rotation transformation values function independently of world scale settings. Download the update onto your system by saving it to your hard drive.

Transparency tool - Partially reveal image areas underneath the object. Roughen Brush tool - Distort the edge of an object by dragging along its outline. Texture Fill - Apply preset texture fills to objects to create the illusion of a variety of textures, such as water, clouds and stone. Double-click the installer file to begin the update. Free Transform tool - Rotate, skew, mirror, and scale objects.

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Edit Anchor tool - Modify the connector line anchor points of objects. Right-Angle Round Connector tool - Draw a right angle with a rounded corner to connect two objects. Pattern Fill - Apply a preset pattern fill to an object or create a custom pattern fill. Flowchart Shapes tool - Draw flowchart symbols.

Smear tool - Change the edge of an object by dragging along its outline. Interactive Fill tool G - Create a fill dynamically by using markers in the drawing window and property bar to change the angle, midpoint, and color. Envelope tool - Change the shape of an object by applying and dragging the nodes of an envelope. Polyline tool - Draw connected curves and straight lines in one continuous action. All but Garamond are in OpenType Pro format.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. It is also the name of the Corel graphics suite, which includes the bitmap-image editor Corel Photo-Paint as well as other graphics-related programs see below. Smudge Brush tool - Change the shape of an object by dragging along its outline. Previous Versions No Patches Available. New tools permit manipulating vector images by pushing, pulling, smearing, etc.

WordPerfect Office X9 Standard Edition

This update is a cumulative update that includes all previous patches and fixes. Bezier tool - Draw curves one segment at a time. The inclusion of this software was the precedent for the actual graphic suites.


Callout Shapes tool - Draw labels and speech bubbles. Twirl tool - Add swirl effects by dragging along the outline of an object. This update of Corel Website Creator addresses a number of performance and stability issues reported by customers and includes enhancements to Website Creator.

CorelDRAW Tools

Horizontal or Vertical Dimension tool - Draw horizontal or vertical dimension lines. Attract tool - Reshape objects by attracting nodes to the cursor. Corel software Vector graphics editors Raster to vector conversion software Windows-only software Font editors. Graph Paper tool D - Draw a grid. Contour tool - Apply a series of concentric shapes that radiate into or out of an object.

Repel tool - Reshape objects by pushing nodes away from the cursor. Artistic Media tool I - Add artistic brush, spray, and calligraphic effects by using freehand strokes.

Get more productive with performance and stability improvements. Freehand Pick tool - Select objects by using a freehand selection marquee. Right-Angle Connector tool - Draw a right angle to connect two objects. Pen tool - Draw curves in segments, and preview each segment as you draw.

Angular Dimension tool - Draw angular dimension lines. License or Trial activation remains unchanged no need to reactivate after updating the application.

Polygon tool Y - Draw polygons by draggig in the drawing window. Position and transform objects. Dynamic alignment guides allow for easy repositioning without setting static guidelines. This is the first version which was made exclusively for bit Windows. Blend tool - Blend objects by creating a progression of intermediate objects and colors.

Follow the instructions to review the Software License Agreement and complete the installation. Pick tool - Select, position, or transform objects. Arrow Shapes tool - Draw arrows of various shapes and directions. Smooth tool - Smooth object by dragging along its outline. Download the hotfix to your computer by saving it to your hard drive.

Object properties, styles, and color styling have each been consolidated into their own docking toolbars. Trace became integrated inside Draw under the name PowerTrace.

CorelDraw for Unix also became available. UniConvertor is also used in the Inkscape and Scribus open source projects as an external tool for importing CorelDraw files. Knife tool - Slice an object to split it into two separate objects. Drop Shadow tool - Apply shadows behind or below objects.