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Talking about Agents of S. We were not playing that, at all, so it was surprising.

Brett, when did you find out that Ward was going to be a traitor? Elizabeth, how is the dynamic this season between Fitz and Simmons? So, online dating grafton nsw fans are gonna get to see the individuals of each of them more.

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Before, we were an isolated team and we could go off and do our own things. Hydra is like infatuation where S.

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Is he somewhere in between? Iain studied drama at the Langside College. Fans are gonna be able to see how they each develop individually.

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Everybody has to take a more active role because we are S.

We used to make these silly, stupid short films, which, looking back now, were probably horrible. Check out what they had to say after the jump, and be aware that there are some spoilers. Today, we will be discussing about the personal life of Iain De Caestecker, who is best known for his role of Agent Leo Fitz in the television series called Agents of S.

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So, people have to decide whether they stay, or whether they go to the private sector, like they did in Captain America. And because of that, he is the man that he is today. Did you go back to see how it all fits together? The sequence was meant to be ambiguous.

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He is currently working on Agents of S. Iain has decided to keep his personal life private, and we must say that he has successfully done it. How will the destruction of S.

Every character is going to have to decide again, if they want to go with S. He made some choices along the way. They need to repair their relationship. Looking back on it, it was brilliant editing.

Is he Dating Someone? Married?

Their friendship, or relationship, has to be reborn. Bill Paxton had so much fun in his role, and it was infectious. Do they just like to keep you in the dark?

Now, they have to figure out where they are within that relationship, and then what that brings to other relationships that they might form. Those are the questions and conundrums that Coulson now has to deal with, being Director. But, does that make him a good or bad guy? What are you most excited for fans to get to see, with the FitzSimmons relationship? People have pointed that out.