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There are lots of other ways to gain superpowers, and frankly I'm surprised that more people don't have them. Magic lets you do cool things like conjure fire and fly, so Fire Manipulation and Flight are the powers, dating sites containing the word people not magic itself.

Scorpio is grounded but Sagittarius is restless. The jury is still out on how frequent benevolent space-faring power-granting civilizations are in the galaxy, so you might be waiting for a while. Volunteer for genetics experiments.

Even though Aquarius is independent where Pisces is dependent, their creativity and imagination brings them together. So after many of the nerdiest meetings to ever take place, we settled on this list of the coolest super powers. This is a list of the coolest powers, which doesn't necessarily translate to the most powerful powers. If you don't have access to superpowerful gamma ray machines, you might be able to induce a power-giving mutation by changing your genes directly.

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With great power, after all, comes great responsibility, and maybe people just aren't ready for that. Thus, they will be loyal, caring and kind to each other. Good luck and don't forget to work on your battle cry.

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Be born on a different planet and gain superpowers from the effects of Earth's Sun. These are the coolest super powers of all time! If we examine the historical record we can come up with a variety of ways to get superpowers. That's kinda like a superpower.

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? They both take comfort in plans and schedules.

Expose yourself to huge amounts of radiation. The Avengers would have never formed, Bowser would go undefeated, and Heroes would have been a soap opera. Libra loves being social and around people, while Capricorn prefers solitude and independence.

The Best Badass Superpowers We Wish We Had

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They balance each other out. The information you provide will be used by Match.

But when it comes to love both are wary and protective of their hearts. While some are cool because they are powerful, a lot are cool because they are silly, unique, or would just be fun to use. Scorpios tend to feel their emotions full force, whereas Sagittarius contain them.

The context of where a power is used matters. Independence is a trait that Scorpio and Sagittarius both have in common, and it ends there. Maybe you can absorb telekinesis by proximity. Taurus and Cancer are loyal, caring and kind to others.

Even though us normal folk will never have them, we can't help but wonder which would be the coolest to have? Being really, really good at something, like Green Arrow at archery, isn't enough. It can intervene if it sees worrying trends or serious matters of concern. It has to surpass normal human capabilities.

Aquarius are also spontaneous, which Pisces secretly love. For any complaints and enquiries you may contact us here. Since Leos are naturally encouraging, this is the couple that will motivate each other in anything. Some argue that supertech isn't necessarily the same as superpower, but I say what's the difference if it gives you an edge over evil-doers? You know how you can induce magnetism in a bar of iron by stroking it against another magnet?

The historical record is replete with examples of people who have been exposed to levels of radiation strong enough to kill an elephant. Gadgets and tech, like Batman's utility belt and Iron Man's armor, aren't special abilities, so Bruce and Tony will have to sit this one out. Superman on Krypton isn't superpowered, but on Earth he is because of the yellow sun. Pisces, though guarded at first, love to talk about the subject of their interest, and Aquarius love stimulating conversation.

That's the question that drove the creation of this list.

How do I get superpowers?

That couple whose personalities are either too similar or too different. Gemini and Aries are independent in nature, but also enthusiastic. So while magic is awesome, it's not a power by our guidelines. Share By Caithlin Pena You see them.

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