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Albert Manno, Eugene Wilde. It was their second and last album as a quartet. They just looked at us as, like, a bunch of pansies dancing around instead of accepting us for us. We had a certain confidence about us, I think. The songs on that record and the songs that have followed in our career, I think, really set us apart from the traditional boy band flavor-of-the-month that you see come and go all the time.

But yeah, we were definitely nervous. They needed more extras, and the director asked her if she would be in the video. It shows remarkable growth as songwriters and continues to give us songs that has made millions smile.

This Is Us (Backstreet Boys album)

The original pressing of the album had a maroon spine and blue background on the back inlay. It was so crazy how it happened everywhere else first. Max has created so many memories for us, being part of it growing through history. We created music that was so different and that people wanted to hate on, but they loved it all at the same time. Max is a genius with the same four chords.

So he was singing to my voice. Max truly is the face of pop music, forever.

Since the album and Backstreet's Back were released at the same time, both albums share the same cover, only with different titles. Here, in their own words, of 3d animation software is the story behind Backstreet Boys. Backstreet Boys is the self-titled debut U.

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We are not just a pop group. We actually had a bit of discrepancy with the record label on the single to release. Denniz Pop was into network gaming, so we had like four computers that would all be set up on a table. Christgau's Consumer Guide. It was good to get away and for all of us to be in one place, together, focused, creating.

Both versions of the album contained the same Enhanced Section, containing videos and other multimedia files. We get to the video shoot and she was nowhere to be found. It really seasoned us to come back home, to really be ready for America. It just makes you feel good. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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We always wanted just to be considered a vocal harmony group. There was definitely a lot of dancing and playing around in the studio.

Recording Industry Association of Japan. That video was made in the mountains of Snowbird, Utah. So our fans and people who were paying attention to us during that time were able to go through that with us, especially me as a teenager. And we are the first group that he did that with. It became one of the most successful debut albums of all time.

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Working with Max for so many years, everybody started to find their voice. Even though Max was doing all the work, Denniz was overseeing everything and was still writing on things. We were competing just to try to get on radio airplay against all these grunge and rock groups and rap groups.

Some guys were out clubbing, enjoying the Swedish party scene and then coming to the studio, and I was playing video games with our producers. The group simultaneously released the standard and deluxe editions of the album. We felt like we were doing something that was different in the music world, and what was happening was good timing.

It took a lot of work and a lot of hours to make that song happen. It could never see the light of day again and I would be fine with that.

But I was definitely skeptical. The second pressing of the album had a teal spine and a straw-colored background on the back inlay. Music Industry News Network. Webarchive template wayback links Articles with short description Articles with hAudio microformats Certification Table Entry usages for United States. And our fans just inevitably made people listen, and recognize us as who we are.

Backstreet Boys

Album Discography

The girls loved us, and the boys hated us. The title would not necessarily make sense in the context of this album being their American debut. Everybody is a lead singer in this group. Presumably, this may have been due to the title of the song, which correlates with the title of the international album, Backstreet's Back.

Backstreet Boys U.S. Debut Album An Oral History

Regarding their collaboration with RedOne, McLean remarked that it had been largely a last minute affair. Nielsen Business Media, Inc. Recording Industry Association of America.

We sing as a group, and everybody can definitely carry their weight. Everybody has a great voice. You would think it was, like, the Beatles, or Michael Jackson, fans going crazy. There was a formula back in the day, that Max and Denniz really liked, which was myself, Brian and Nick. We were all kind of dorks and very goofy.