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Is it possible for the College to accommodate itself to these unprecedented conditions, so as to enable me to pursue my studies at Radcliffe? They assert the citizenship and patriotism of Jews, their determination to accommodate themselves to the present as far as they could while retaining loyalty to the past. The extensive water-front is lined with wharves, some of which can accommodate the largest ocean steamers.

The suit jacket had not been altered to accommodate Jonathan's short arms. It was restored in to accommodate the municipal archives. The program was accommodated without recourse to public funds. Most of the barracks can accommodate not only the units they are constructed for, but also detachments going through courses of instruction. His military instincts did not always make it easy for him to accommodate himself to courtiers and professional politicians.

Requesting a Reasonable Accommodation

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They were accommodated in four-star comfort. The boat dock does not accommodate large vessels.

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Accustomed to the use of compulsory labour, they have failed to accommodate themselves to the new conditions. This institution, which can accommodate patients, was founded in the reign of Francesco Sforza. The ship accommodates passengers, and she is still small enough to travel up the world's greatest river. To accommodate more guests, you could opt for spending less per head on the receptions. The two fortresses can accommodate a garrison of Io, men.

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Another special type is the bow-case, made to take a short curved bow and to accommodate arrows'as well.

Besides, we have to accommodate the wishes of the guests of Bird Song, don't we? At the western end of the lake is the Shelter Stone, an enormous block of granite resting upon two other blocks, which can accommodate a dozen persons. They were all accommodated safely.

Will you accommodate a request to view the library outside of these hours? The docks accommodate ships of large tonnage. Will the bus accommodate wheelchairs? We'd learned to accommodate one another's quirks with no more than a raised eyebrow. Sleeping needs were accommodated in parallel three-story wings to each side, lohan dating with boys at the north and girls to the south.

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Accommodate Sentence Examples

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Neither the government nor the army could accommodate itself to the new situation. Still, in addition to family ties, the Reynolds farmhouse was centrally located and large enough to accommodate all the guests. The bedroom also has a double bed to accommodate two people. Overflow can be accommodated in the adjacent meeting room if necessary.

What Are Reasonable Accommodations?