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Material Dark sports grey backgrounds with white text and toggles, as well as the occasional green accent color. Also, the icons look great with blue outlines on them. Play video for Infinity-O Display introduction. It's from the same developer, so the icons and accent colors are very similar to the second entry in our list, but most system menus have a black backdrop with white typeface instead. SamsungViv Honored Contributor.

Hopefully, you may like this collection and apply your favorite theme on your phone as well. The theme has a simple white background wallpaper and in the lock screen wallpaper, you will see another wallpaper with white background.

Find more at the Theme Store. The color looks balanced with the icons and lock screen texts. Clean Darkness will give you white icons with deep-angle drop shadows cast on a rounded square background. And if you are a Samsung user than this guide is for you.

Samsung Wallpaper Themes

Wallpaper is the best part of the theme where the stars glowing in the back on the tree look amazing. He enjoys trying new games and reviewing them. The theme is all about the equalizer with purple color.

How do I change the theme on my Galaxy device

You will get to experience the pixel-like feel on your Samsung phone. We have looked into the Samsung theme store and found some interesting Samsung themes that you may like. How do I change the language and keyboard used on my Samsung Galaxy Alpha?

This next theme uses faded colors and a rounded-square look for its icons, but the rest of the interface elements are perhaps even more subtle. You will get some idea from the Image attached here. And in settings, you will get the transparent look. They were in my wish list and then I eventually ended up purchasing them, but now that I transferred phones it's not listing my purchased themes in with my free themes I downloaded.

As you know it is a simple task because it comes inbuilt on the Samsung phone in the settings. If you like colorful display with vibrant colors and satisfying look then try out this theme. You will definitely like this Samsung theme on your phone. The procedure is pretty much same as all other themes, where we download themes and then apply that theme.

Finally I can use my iPhone to ride the NYC subwaySamsung Wallpaper Themes - WallpaperSafariCustomer Support

Galaxy has become even more enjoyable. The menu options were slightly different than you gave, play sims 3 trial no but I was able to successfully find my themes. This will take you to the themes you have available on your specific device and model.

Be sure to try some of the suggestions in this thread since they should help you get this done. Material black contains the pure black wallpaper, but the icons are the default that we get with the device. This also supports always on display. This next theme would be a good choice for fans of stock Android that want a slightly darker interface.

Calls from landlines and mobiles are included in free call packages. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. As with all of these themes, the default wallpaper can be changed, but you'll still notice the serene meadow scene serving as a backdrop to some apps like the Settings menu. So these were the best Samsung themes till date. Lockscreen that moves naturally depending on the angle.

The mixtures of colors in wallpapers and the shades are attractive. The icons are very close to stock, but backgrounds are black with white text, and a cool red color is used to accent the blue headers that sit directly opposite on the color wheel. How do I change the theme on my Galaxy device?

Troubleshooting Click to Expand I changed my theme but not all of my icons changed to match the theme. Vanilla pie is a simple but great theme. In the theme, the icons will be in white lines and minimal. Download infinity-O display wallpapers for your Galaxy.

Samsung desktop wallpaper 1024x768

For new and latest Samsung themes you can check them manually on your phone, by following the procedure given above. Sea Cliff Bridge is an amazing and most downloaded theme on the Samsung theme store. Basically the Samsung account should remember you've paid for those already and just let you download again.

If are one of the users who like the colorful icons on their phones then this theme has it. Need some help locating your model number?

In some phones, we need to reboot the system. With that out of the way, though, icons are a slightly cooler shade of their stock counterparts, and most interfaces use a neutral grey-and-white template.

Browse through our wide-ranging collection of themes to find the one that speaks to your style. The wallpaper is of a lonely tree in the night. This next theme is like a slightly desaturated version of the stock theme, with white accents instead of yellow, and rounded icons.

How do I change the theme on my Galaxy device

Also, the settings are transparent with the same wallpaper in the background. The number of themes and the theme options you have will depend on your model. Email Samsung Shop For new and existing orders. Wallpaper that changes every time you open your phone. Book a Repair Appointment.

Samsung desktop wallpaper 1024x768